Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Femara Cycle

I called to refill my Femara prescription and realized it was my last refill, so what do I do next?  So I called the doctor to ask them what they would like me to do.  If I need to schedule in the middle of the cycle or at the end, so next cycle would not be a bust.  My doctor is recommending Femara + IUI.  If this cycle doesn't work, we will be moving on to injectables. 

I'm just kind indifferent about it all.  I just want something that will work.  It sucks because it means I'm getting closer ivf.  I think I will ask my doctor about a trigger shot with this cycle.  If I'm producing the eggs and the lining looks good on Femara, why have I not gotten pregnant?  Is it possible I'm not actually releasing an egg and just going through the motion?  So this cycle, I will be waiting for my positive opk.

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