Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We went in for our IUI.  The doctor wants us to come in tomorrow.  Our sperm count was not all that and a bag of chips; in fact it was probably more along the lines of half a bag of chips and owing a dollar.    Below is our original sperm count, our info as a wash, which is typically smaller, and normal values of a normal ejaculation.

Our Sperm
Sperm Wash (what was inserted)
Normal Values
Total Sperm Count
34 million
5.2 million
40 million
Total Motile Sperm
12 million
2.3 million
20 million
% of Progressive Motility
44 %
50% or more

Granted that is a vast improvement from our prior IUI which honestly probably should have been cancelled, as it was only 3 million sperm count and 1.4 million motile with a wash of .44 million sperm count and .2 million motile sperm.

It still just sucks and has made for a very emotional day.

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