Saturday, August 18, 2012

Belated AF gift #2

I already knew what I wanted to pick up for my second AF gift.  It was a hooded towel with a monkey head on the head; unfortunately, they were out of them today.  My grandma use to call me lil monkey.  Oh well, I'll pick it next time.  Hopefully, there wont be a next time, but if there is it should definitely make me smile.  So this is what I go today:
I bought a teether that has crinkle on one side, because for some reason babies like that crinkle material stuff.  I bought a dishwasher thing for baby stuff; I figured green was a pretty neutral color.  Then I bought a set of spoons that turn white if it is too hot.  Of course, everything is BPA free.  The baby's tote is getting fuller and fuller. 

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