Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ovulation Celebration

This will now be my theme song for the middle of my cycle.  This is a cute video about opks. 

"A Smile Confuses an Approaching Frown"

This smiley face sure is confusing me!  WTH?  I'm only on cylce day 11.  Technically, I'm on cycle day 10 from my Femara count.  I can't believe I have a positive opk.  Is this not too early?  Sure I'm glad to see the little cuss smiling at me, but I just don't trust my body.  I can't believe I'm ready.  If this is actually positive, this is kind of nice considering we have the whole family reunion coming up.  I knew something was up this morning when my temperature plummeted.  I'll keep taking my temperature, but  we'll have to baby dance like crazy. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Birds and Bees: Jane's Pregnant Again

I think we have all felt this way when other women have gotten pregnant.  To all my uterus hating friends out there!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Infertility Shoes

This video illustrates some of the ignorant things others say.  It kind of makes the infertile path a little humorous.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramblings of the Reunion and the Trial and Tribulations of TTC Gal

We are getting ready to pack up for a family reunion in NE.  We are sharing a room with my dad and brother.   For the family reunion, my father has like 100 cousins on one side (I know you think I’m exaggerating, but truthfully, he has 70 first cousins).  Yes, a little ironic that I should suffer from infertility, since I have a lot of baby-making sexy Catholics in my family.  I have feeling this will be a very interesting trip.

For some background information, my ovulation day ranges from cycle day 12-21.  I know, my body doesn’t like predictability!  Anyways, currently, I’m on cycle day 7.  The reunion is on Sunday, which is of course cycle day 14. This terrifies me, because now I am trying to plan alternative arrangements should I piss a smiley face on an OPK.  If I do, the room situation is not looking very promising because we are sharing a room with dad and brother.  Talk about awkward.  So I’ve been thinking if only I was fertile, then I wouldn’t care if we missed this cycle.  Our alternative arrangement is praying that we don’t see a smiley face until day 16!  But just in case, I told my B to be ready for sneaking off to a bathroom.  He seemed a little uneasy.  I reminded him, “sex is not about your comfort; we got Preseed for that.”  I’m so glad he gets my sense of humor.  In addition to the room issue, my Aunt made me question my logic on this whole conception thing.

 My Aunt tells me that in order to get pregnant at the reunion, we will need some Tequila.  “You have to get drunk off of Tequila.”  Avoiding Tequila was my birth control as a teen.  I didn’t even know sex had to be involved to get pregnant from the stories she forewarned me of.   Since I started trying to conceive, I have avoided alcohol because every piece of literature says that it hampers fertility.  Yet, we all know that one girl (because I’m in my bitter stage of infertility, we’ll refer to her as “slut”) who had one hell of drunken night the night she got knocked up.  So who knows, maybe I will have to try that too!!!! 

For family reunions, we all have matching shirts in the same color.  I’ve been tye-dying shirts for my cousins to wear, and I was thinking about how much fun it would be to get pregnant this cycle.  For the next reunion, everyone could wear the shirt that says, “I went to the reunion and all I got was this stinking T-shirt.”  Then my hubby’s and mine could say, “I went to the reunion and all I got was this stinking cute baby.”    

Praying for a smiley face and conception AFTER the reunion!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Appreciating the little things

I have to say I have an amazing family. They are truly supportive and try their best to help me feel better. I have seen things on the web about infertility breaking up families because the family members are not supportive or completely insensitive. 

My family is amazing and this is a shoutout to all the wonderful people out there who are supporting their family friends.  They are truly angels in disguise.  Now, if only one was a stork in disguise.....

PS:  I finally figured out how to space on this blog; please excuse what look to be typos in other postings.

Costs of IF thus far

I saw another blogger keep a tally of what their journey had cost them thus far, and I decided to do the same. Eventually, I will put it on this blog. So I decided to calculate the bills of everything from 2011 on. Keep in mind, this is not discussing any emotional costs, just pocketbook costs. Granted, this does not include opk (which cost over $30 per month) and the pregnancy sticks (which is about $8 for a three pack) which will usually last me about a day. I know a bit obsessive, but I hold out hope that each stick may result in a different result. So what if I took it the morning and afternoon, hcg builds fast and perhaps this evening will show me a different result. Last month, I used and bought ten packages of pregnancy sticks. Another part of me feels like if I find out early enough, I can go to the doctor and this one might be able to be saved. I have spent over 22,000 dollars in infertility treatments, diagnostics, etc. yet I have nothing to show for it. I don't have a baby; I don't have a bump. It's kind of like my miscarriages: nothing left but a bill. I guess I feel fustrated because I have spent 22,000; yet, hospitals don't require others to place a huge down payment before the family collects their baby from the nursery. In fact, some people can even collect welfare and yet they are allowed to pop out kids like a popcorn machine.

The early bird catches the sperm

I think everyone has felt like this at some point in their fertility journey. Funny! Check out the video "The Early Bird Catches the Sperm"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Femara Cycle Three

It is officially CD3, so I must begin Femara. After two prior failed cycles with Femara, I remain positive. Just positively hoping for a positive. Today is a good day; sometimes, it is hard to be positive, when I have been let down for two years. I pray that I will get the opportunity to experience full-term healthy pregnancy. At the beginning of each cycle (yes, obsessed), I check to see what the potential due date would be if I were to conceive in this month. So I checked based on my period and it said April 21- wouldn't that make an awesome birthday present? (My birthday is April 23). Hoping threes a charm!!!! Anways, here's some info about this cycle: FYI about this cycle: I am taking Femara 5mg on CD 3-7 I am taking baby aspirin I am taking prenatal vitamin with DHA I am taking two additional folic acid 400 mg vitamins I am exercising (try to do thirty minutes every day) I will be using an opk and having timed intercourse We will be having sex everyday when it gets close to O time (of course in gravity friendly positions and I wait in bed for thirty minutes afterward without moving usually with my pelvis propped) I picked up Preseed, just in case.

Pregnant Women are Smug!

Pregnant Women are Smug Go to the above link. This is a hilarious video. I think many women have experienced this type of thing.

Trying to Conceive Terminology

Trying to Conceive Terminology | Ovulation Calculator

AF Gift 1

This is my first gift from Aunt Flo. I bought a orange polka dot hooded towel, wash clothes, chew things, and a bath book (I know; I'm such a teacher). My future child is already getting spoiled. This idea really does help with AF arriving.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Gift from AF

AF sucks. I just want to punch Aunt Flo in the vag! When trying to conceive, she is the last person you really want to see. So to make her visit a little less painless, I have decided to buy something for our future baby and put it in a tote. Suck it AF!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

18 dpo

Here I am, 18 dpo and still a BFN! It must be a cyst which sucks because each day I was suppose to get my period causing my heart pattered harder. My temperature dropped today; however, it is still above my coverline. Sometimes I just wonder, when will it be my turn? I have a cousin who is about to give birth, and it is really affecting me more than I thought it would. I don't wish anything ill upon them, but it just sucks. I feel like it should be me. Had I not had a miscarriage in Jsnuary '10 I would have a little one now. Had I not had a miscarriage in December, I would have the due date of August 16. I'm a little sad today.

Monday, July 9, 2012

13 dpo

13 dpo and I received a negative using FRER with FMU. That sucks. My temperature is still up (probably because of the progesterone suppositories). It just kind of sucks. I felt like I am doing everything right: taking multivitamin, having sex everyday, taking femara, taking progesterone, taking extra folic acid, and taking a baby asprin; I'm also eating healthy and exercising. I see so many other people who do not have to jump through all these hoops and yet they get pregnant. I'm jumping through all these hoops and what I would not do to get pregnant. It's just fustrating when you do everything you are suppose to, and you think this is going to be my month, and then Reality smacks you upside the head. It sucks!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I know I am obsessing. I have peed on three sticks each day for the last three days. I was pretty optimistic, but today is 11dpo (which I know is still kind of early) and I have the same result, BFN! I'm so fustrated! Any ideas on how to cope?

Thursday, July 5, 2012