Saturday, June 8, 2013

Update- 15 weeks 2 days

I have been avoiding updating my blog for some time.  Part of me feels guilty, well actually a big chunk of me.  I am very estatic that we are pregnant, but I know how it feels to read the blogs of others who are and then you start to wonder when will that be me.  To be honest, pregnancy has been harder than I antcipated and I guess this adds to the guilt.  I am super happy to be pregnant, but throwing up and nausea was really hard; it reminded me of when my gallbladder up and died.  Thankfully, this is starting to tone down a bit.  Not liking this bit of pregnancy makes me feel extremely guilty.  I am super excited for this little monkey growing in me, but the guilt has kinda of made me a little MIA.

Yesterday, we went in to have an 3-D ultrasound done for early gender determination.  I learned a lot about my darling at this session.  First, they had a good shot of inbetween the legs, and I was looking.  It looked like a very visable vagina to me, and sure enough it was.  She told us it was definitely a girl.  So now I have a name, Harpyr Ann to call this little diva.  First she kept moving away from the probe, then she had a huge dramatic temper tantrum.  Fists clenched and back was arching.  Then she decided to stick her finger up- one finger in particular.  Yes, my child has already managed to flip us off- should I be scared?  I kind of am, because she gets that from me, and it was confirmed she will be my pay-back child.  It's amazing how long legged she is.  Then she started posing for the camera.  There is one picture of her putting her fingers toward her mouth and she is puckering up- we call this her marilyn monroe pose.   I am so excited.  I can't wait to meet her.