Monday, May 6, 2013


Baby is waving at the camera!  The ultrasound went really well.  This was our last visit for now at the RE as we graduated to a regular ob-gyn.  I will see them at the end of May.  It was amazing to see such growth.  I had a scare last week with a little bit of spotting and cramping.  Spotting was attributed to the progesterone irratating my vagina.  Cramping is probably ligament pain.  The baby was dancing and waving at the camera- a ham already!  It's amazing to see the growth.  The first ultrasound, it looked like a gummy bear.  The second, it looked like a shrimp.  The third, a teddy bear, and this time, a baby.  I feel completely blessed.  I am so thankful for this- appropriate considering the due date is Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, and I offically announced it to the world today on facebook.