Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramblings of the Reunion and the Trial and Tribulations of TTC Gal

We are getting ready to pack up for a family reunion in NE.  We are sharing a room with my dad and brother.   For the family reunion, my father has like 100 cousins on one side (I know you think I’m exaggerating, but truthfully, he has 70 first cousins).  Yes, a little ironic that I should suffer from infertility, since I have a lot of baby-making sexy Catholics in my family.  I have feeling this will be a very interesting trip.

For some background information, my ovulation day ranges from cycle day 12-21.  I know, my body doesn’t like predictability!  Anyways, currently, I’m on cycle day 7.  The reunion is on Sunday, which is of course cycle day 14. This terrifies me, because now I am trying to plan alternative arrangements should I piss a smiley face on an OPK.  If I do, the room situation is not looking very promising because we are sharing a room with dad and brother.  Talk about awkward.  So I’ve been thinking if only I was fertile, then I wouldn’t care if we missed this cycle.  Our alternative arrangement is praying that we don’t see a smiley face until day 16!  But just in case, I told my B to be ready for sneaking off to a bathroom.  He seemed a little uneasy.  I reminded him, “sex is not about your comfort; we got Preseed for that.”  I’m so glad he gets my sense of humor.  In addition to the room issue, my Aunt made me question my logic on this whole conception thing.

 My Aunt tells me that in order to get pregnant at the reunion, we will need some Tequila.  “You have to get drunk off of Tequila.”  Avoiding Tequila was my birth control as a teen.  I didn’t even know sex had to be involved to get pregnant from the stories she forewarned me of.   Since I started trying to conceive, I have avoided alcohol because every piece of literature says that it hampers fertility.  Yet, we all know that one girl (because I’m in my bitter stage of infertility, we’ll refer to her as “slut”) who had one hell of drunken night the night she got knocked up.  So who knows, maybe I will have to try that too!!!! 

For family reunions, we all have matching shirts in the same color.  I’ve been tye-dying shirts for my cousins to wear, and I was thinking about how much fun it would be to get pregnant this cycle.  For the next reunion, everyone could wear the shirt that says, “I went to the reunion and all I got was this stinking T-shirt.”  Then my hubby’s and mine could say, “I went to the reunion and all I got was this stinking cute baby.”    

Praying for a smiley face and conception AFTER the reunion!


  1. Hi from Lost and Found. Welcome to the blog world! A friend of mine told me to get drunk on Thanksgiving and we would get pregnant...both of her children were conceived this way. She told me this before I told her we were infertile so I wasn't offended. I just smirked because this is how fertile people think :) Good luck to you and I hope you get busy at the reunion and get a BFP!!!

    1. Thank you! It's so funny hearing the thoughts of the fertile. I swear if there is a way to get it done, I think we would all be marketing this magic solution. The only thing I know is to keep everything but your legs crossed!