Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Femara Cycle Three

It is officially CD3, so I must begin Femara. After two prior failed cycles with Femara, I remain positive. Just positively hoping for a positive. Today is a good day; sometimes, it is hard to be positive, when I have been let down for two years. I pray that I will get the opportunity to experience full-term healthy pregnancy. At the beginning of each cycle (yes, obsessed), I check to see what the potential due date would be if I were to conceive in this month. So I checked based on my period and it said April 21- wouldn't that make an awesome birthday present? (My birthday is April 23). Hoping threes a charm!!!! Anways, here's some info about this cycle: FYI about this cycle: I am taking Femara 5mg on CD 3-7 I am taking baby aspirin I am taking prenatal vitamin with DHA I am taking two additional folic acid 400 mg vitamins I am exercising (try to do thirty minutes every day) I will be using an opk and having timed intercourse We will be having sex everyday when it gets close to O time (of course in gravity friendly positions and I wait in bed for thirty minutes afterward without moving usually with my pelvis propped) I picked up Preseed, just in case.

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