Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Should IF be covered by insurance?

This is the question that Resolve posted today on Facebook.  Of course it should be covered! 

One hoebag who probably got pregnant while drunk and smoked the whole pregnancy said, "No it should not be covered because it is not essential or affects quality of life." WTF!  She must not be going through IF, because I can guarantee you it has affected my quality life.  Mental health is usually covered, so why not infertility. 

It is because of infertility I cry when I see a damn pampers commercial or a "thanks mom" olympic commercial.  It is because of infertility, I constantly am peeing on some form of a stick.  I am semi delusional of symptoms by reading into every little stomach twinge.  It is because of IF I miss work and go to the doctors so that maybe just maybe this treatment might work.  It is becaue of IF that I count pregnant women at Walmart (yes on average it is 4, but has been as high as 13).  It is because of IF that I feel super emotional about some child or infant that is beaten or killed by a parent.  It is because of IF that I feel the rage through my veins when I see or hear someone say something so stupid about IF. 

Paying over 1000 dollars a month doesn't affect a person's quality of living?  Do you realize if I want to be permanently sterilized, that is covered.  Birth control is covered.  Essentially, you have the choice to have sex.  If you don't want a child that bad, don't have sex, but what if you want a child and have all the damn sex in the world but it isn't materializing?  We live in a backwards world!


  1. I also don't understand why with some insurance companies (mine) you can get a boob job covered if you prove that your little boobs affect your self esteem so much that you are an emotional mess. WTF? They are depressed and get a set of DD for free? Doesn't anyone think that maybe infertility might affect my emotional well-being just a tad too?

  2. I completely agree!