Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where we have been

In regards to my last post, I figured I should post what our sperm numbers looked like a year ago- a year exactly once I see the date!

On Agusut 22, 2011 after three days of abstinence:

Then after 3 days of Abstinence
Now after 1 day of Abstinence
Sperm Concentration
53 million
28.3 million
Total Sperm Count
79.5 million
34 million
Total Motile Sperm
33.4 million
12 million

I'd like to belief this is an improvement, because it was three days of Abstinence to get the original numbers and only 1 day to get the numbers from today.  I just wished it was like it was in May.  I know sperm quality goes down in the summer.  His sperm concentration was 56 million; 73% motile; motile sperm count was 81.8 million and total count was 112 million.  I keep telling myself it just takes one.


  1. Those numbers look pretty good to me, but we are dealing with much lower numbers so I'm a little jealous :) We have: Total Concentration: 8.1, Total Motility: 29%. Hubs is quitting smoking so I hope when we get the next sample the numbers are much better!


    1. Thank you! You made me feel better. I need to learn to appreciate what we do have instead of dwelling on what we don't. Sending positive vibes your way!!!!