Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2nd IUI

Our second IUI was a lot better than I expected.  Perhaps, B’s disgusted attitude about the magazine with the stuck pages resulted in the first one.  Our doctor was very optimistic.  Unfortunately, for male factor infertility they said usually they try three successfully timed iui’s before recommending IVF.  Since the Femara is successful in helping me ovulate better, we will stick with this medication.  I am praying that our IUI works!  Here is a look at our numbers:

Pre Wash Sperm
Post Wash Sperm
Averages for prewash only
Sperm Density
24.7 million
6.6 million
20 million
1.2 ml
.7 ml
2 ml
Total Sperm Count
30 million
4.6 million
40 million
Total Motile Sperm
11 million
3 million
20 million
% motility


  1. Those number are good, maybe not great if you were just trying without an IUI, but they are perfect for an IUI. I think you just need to keep thinking positively and remember things can change from month to month. Trust me that is what I am finding out. My husband has had crappy number, but this time around he had a whopping 99 mil and trust me our first one was only 9 mil. Anyways I hope this cycle is a winner for you and then you won't have to worry about it. :)

    1. Thanks! Sometimes, I just need a pep talk. I was kind of bummed because B had a varicocele removed in January. So I guess I was expecting it to be normal. I think I had the bar set too high. We have seen a huge improvement, so I need to appreciate that. It just took a couple days of shell shock. I'm really hopeful! Thanks for the pep talk!