Sunday, September 2, 2012

I don't think the 2nd line isn't coming back

I don't think the second line is coming back.  This is 12 dpo and in my previous positive it occurred on 12 dpo, so I think this is another cycle down the drain. I try not dwell and move on to the next cycle by planning.  My husband and I have discussed our next steps. 

I think we are going to try one more iui and if that is unsuccessful, we will start saving a lot of money or take out a loan for ivf.  The doctor's office has an affording ivf seminar once a month, so I think we will try to go to that this coming up month.  The teacher who works next door to me at school is currently going through ivf from there and now she's in the waiting stages, and so I asked how much it all costs.  The costs for everything adds up to 12,000.  So maybe I'll do some baked sales or try to rake in some donations, because it is so expensive, and I can try for some scholarships, but we will see.  Trying not to put the cart infront of the horse.

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