Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not your average panhandler

I've been thinking of the money associated with three letters: IVF, and to be honest it scares the hell out of me.  The fact that I will be enslaved to a debt scares me.  So I've been thinking of fundraising for my ivf.  I figured every little bit helps.  So what do you think about fundraising for ivf?  Any fundraising ideas?


  1. I freak out about the same thing. Right now I've been asking my friends and family to give me anything they would just donate and in the spring I am going to have a giant garage sale. We're also saving our change and slowly I've been making little girls hairbows that I hope to sell and make a profit from. They're little things but I'm hoping at least they will cause us to have to charge/borrow less if we get to that point.


  2. My husband and I are also down to pretty much our last resort... the scary, dreaded and oh so costly IVF..ugh. However, we did it...after almost 3 years of silently struggling with infertility we started a blog and began fundraising for IVF in August of this year. We are currently at $2,560 are are set to hit the $3,000 mark by the end of this month. You should definitely give it a try. We were so overwhelmed and thrilled by the response from our friends and family.

    The first fundraising event we held was a cookie sale. My mom and I baked dozens upon dozens of cookies...selling 1 dozen for $5.00. We raised over $1,000 in cookie sales in the first month alone. We've also held a yard sale using only donated items, and just recently had a fundraiser w/Premier Jewelry, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay and Thirty One-each consultant donated a portion of their proceeds and we should receive around $500-$600 from that event. We're going to just keep trucking along and hopefully we'll have enough raised before too long to begin our first IVF cycle.

    If you need any help or ideas or anything don't hesitate to ask...I'd love to help :)