Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Doctors Appt:

Today, I had my baseline ivf appointment.  It started with blood pressure and eeks- weight.  I wish my weight number was the same as my blood pressure's top number; oh well.

We had our ultra sound done.  At this stage (CD 4), they like to see four follicles per ovary starting to develop.  Guess who had 7-9 per ovary; that's right this girl (as I point with my thumbs towards myself and show a cheesy smile).  She said this is excellent, and I took it as a positive sign.  My lining is small, but the medicines should plump it up nicely.

Then they took a crap ton of bloodwork.  They had to stick me three times and finally were successful on my hand.  I hate being stuck, so I completely understand my veins reactions to roll away.

Speaking of sticking, I'm excited to begin shooting up hormones tomorrow.  I go back in for another doctor's appointment on Monday.  Yeah!

Shoutout to Scientists:

I am so thankful to science.  Science has come a long way in the infertility world, and it still has a way to go.  I am greatful for science, because had I of had infertility 40 years ago, I wouldn't have all the possible solutions there are today. 

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