Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Low fat milk?

Usually, I drink 2% milk.  We love our milk; between my husband and I were go through 2 gallons a week.  I just read an article that low fat milk has been shown to impact fertility in 76% of cases- WHAT?!  The article also shows that drinking whole milk can improve your odds of conception by 25%.  Once the milk jugs are gone, we will be switching to whole milk.


  1. Drink the milk! Drink all of the milk!

    Seriously though, it can't hurt right? We drink half and half, I am not sure I could take whole milk, but maybe I need to try.

  2. oh really? crap! i only ever drink non-fat milk. maybe i should switch? do you have a link to the study?

  3. I couldn't find the one I originally found the info, but here are a list of links where the information has been published: