Friday, November 30, 2012

3rd follicle scan

Today, we went in for our third follicle scan.  So far, I have 8 follicles developing on both ovaries, so hopefully, each one will lead to a healthy egg and then a total of 16 healthy embryos.  The doctor said my lining looked "perfect."

My culture came back positive for strep B, so I will be adding antiobodics to my daily routine.  I also get to start my second shots to prevent me from ovulating because one of my follicles is 14 mm.  I'll go back in on Monday to do bloodwork and follicle scan. 

The doctor said that the earliest we would do my egg retrieval would be on Wednesday of next week; B had his bloodwork done today, so the latest would be Friday.  I'm excited.  I'm a little bummed that it will be even longer before I find out if this cycle was successful.  You'd think infertility would force a person to learn patience- haha yeah right!

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