Friday, December 28, 2012

FET Consult with Doc

Today we met with the doctor.  She seemed even more aggravated that the IVF didn't work for us, but she said, "we are going to get this to work for ya'll."  It makes me feel great that I have a doctor with the same determination and drive that we do.  I got to visit with the camera dildo and my uterus is back to normal, and my ovaries have some residual from the ivf cycle but it's getting back to normal.  So I remain on active birth control pills until Feb 11.  I begin Lupron February 5.  I will also begin the whole estrogen regime; this time I'll be using the patch and the pills.  We will have a lining check on February 28, so hopefully everything looks great.  Depending on how my lining looks will determine when we do the transfer. 

I asked the doctor if we should transfer two or three because two didn't work.  She said that these are hardier because the ones we transfered at day 3 and only 8 cells, while the ones we will be transferring will be about 100 cells, so she recommeneded just transfering two.  I feel a lot more optimistic about this cycle.  I've been exercising, so hopefully this will help too.  With the ivf cycle, I put everything on hold, gained some weight (admittingly comfort food eater).  So anyways, I'm going to lose weight and get in good shape, so that if I do become pregnant, I will be as healthy as possible.

Anyways, looks like I'll be doing an March FET. 

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