Thursday, October 4, 2012

TMI for some

So I called the doc today because low and behold the yeast infection I used Monistat for lsat month is back and with a vengence.  Last time, the doctors didn't want to prescribe me the good medicine in the event that I might be pregnant because it was a treated cycle.  This month has not been a treated cycle, and they didn't even ask what day I was on.  They sent the prescription; I can tell how much faith my doc has on me and hubby actually getting pregnant the old fashioned way.

Met with the bank lady today to start the process of a home equity line of credit for the fertility treatments.  When asked what for, I told her medical costs- she seemed shocked.  Yep, I need 15,000 for medical costs and I pay every month for health insurance.  I didn't want to tell her for ivf because I have found that some people (mostly freaks who blame their pov on religion as oppose to being born an idiot) are against ivf and believe that birth is in God's will.  WTF?!  At those times, I think about WWJD and he would probably bitch slap some common sense into them.  How is treating a medical problem anti religious?!  I don't get it.

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