Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am so excited; I get to learn how to use all the medicine that I bought for the IVF process.  I'm really excited, because this is the highest chance we've had at getting pregnant.  During an IVF cycle, your percentage of pregnancy is 50% at my clinic, while a normal fertile couple doing the old fashioned baby making have a 20%.  We'll be more fertile than the Fertiles! 

I just really hope it works.  I know it's a 1 in 2 chance.  So either it will or it won't.  I really hope it does. 

I spoke to the lady who works in the classroom next to mine, who is pregnant with twins, and asked what she did in regards to POAS.  She said she didn't even want to check it until the date.  I have to make a decision whether I will POAS everyday and watch the hcg go away, so I know when a valid test has occurred or wait until the date I go to the doctors.  Part of me says to do it everyday, but then another part of me says maybe all these cycles have been jinxed by the fact I POAS like its going out of style.  I'm afraid if it is negative and I go to the doctors to find out, I will be bawling my eyes out as I'll need some time to absord the information, mourn and then figure out questions for the doctor. 

What I am terrified more than anything is another miscarriage.  I've had two on my own.  I do not know if I can emotionally handle a miscarriage.


  1. My first IVF cycle, I didn't POAS at all. I just waited until the doctor called. It was positive, so it was an awesome surprise (ended up losing my twins at 19w3d though). My second cycle was negative, and I did POAS. I was so glad I did so that I was mentally prepared for the call from the doctor. Having said that, I don't know what I will do on our third cycle.

  2. I personally am in the no pee camp. I would rather wait until it can all be certain one way or another. Good luck learning all you need to know.