Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Please help: Assurance or Insurance

Since we will be spending a crap ton of money at the chance of having a child aka ivf (can you sense my bitterness?), I want to make sure I do everything right to improve my statistics for this conception to work and for this conception to stick.

I am currently doing p90x to get in good shape, and to hopefully drop some weight before the IVF.  I know nutritionally, I need to make sure I eat a crap ton of veggies and fruit.  I know I will need to avoid second hand smoke (sorry mom).  Once I start stims, I plan to routinely incorporate yoga and meditation into my life to minimize my stress.  I know I can try to incorporate pineapple in my diet during the hopeful implantation phase.  Are there any other things out there I can do?  For ladies who had a successful IVF, what specific things did you do or not do?

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  1. I haven't had a successful IVF cycle yet (failed 1st cycle and failed FET), but I have heard that acupuncture can help. I have my first appointment on Monday...I'm currently in BCP phase of my IVF protocol. I plan to do a post after my appointment, so you can check my blog out Monday or Tuesday for more information. But I've heard good things about it when you have appointments near the retrieval and transfer dates and during the TWW. And I would probably say that moderate exercise is good during the cycle, but not to over do it. Good luck!!! :)