Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I don't know if it is the extra estrogen, the lupron or what, but I'm emo lately.  I have been so emotionally charged; it's crazy.  The docs left a message today, to reschedule my lining check that is on Thurs to earlier in the day-WTF?!  I called back and left a message to see if we could still do it in the afternoon.  The wanted to reschedule it for 10:30.  I have already taken a half day and cannot leave work until 11:30.  I've been feeling so indifferent about this cycle-bam something out of the blue happens and I'm an emotional wreck.  I just feel like nothing is coming together and perhaps this is  a sign for the whole cycle.  This cycle had to be changed orginally; everything was delayed by a week.  I will take off the whole day if I have too, but I don't feel comfortable doing that.  I'm going to be taking off plenty of days whenever we do the FET.  I've already used a total of 13 days (many of these half days), and I'm out of sick days.  All next week will be unpaid.  I know money seems so trivial right now, with how much we have spent thus far, but it's fustrating to change something so last moment, to lose more money and to have to change plans.  I'm just really fustrated right now. 

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  1. It's so hard to just be waiting in the balance of everything. My RE always liked to do the scans in the morning. I once asked why and he said it was because they could ensure that they also got the blood results and if my protocal needed to be changed it would give me enough time to go to the pharmacy. My last FET (which ended up being canceled) I had 6 scans and each week I had a new protocol (adding more e2, adding vagina viagra, adding MORE viagra...etc). I'm sure there is a good reason they want to bump it up. Hang in there!