Monday, June 25, 2012

How Our Journey Began

This blog is to chronicle our journey to have a baby. We met at work in 2004 and soon fell in love, and in 2008 we married in October. For most of our relationship, we thought we were really good at the pull-out method, so we decided to stop pulling out after we were married. My obsession with temperature charting and peeing on opk's paid off, because in January 2011 I became pregnant. As soon as I found out, I began to cramp and this little life oozed out of me for two weeks. This wasn't suppose to happen. You were suppose to be happy you got pregnant and 9 mos later you would deliver a healthy baby. I didn't know a single person who was pregnant and had a miscarriage!

After that, I asked my gyno for a fertility workup. All of my hormone levels came back fine. My temperature charts, revealed some months with me not ovulating and the ultrasound revealed my uterine lining was small, so my doctor gave me prescription for clomid. So I started Clomid in November of 2011.

The husband has a sperm analysis which did not look very promising. He scored a 68 on motility, and they wanted 150, so we went to a urologist. He copped a feel on my hubby and felt a varicocele, so he recommended surgery. I knew the fact I was having my hubby take hot baths could be the culprit, so I made him stop and we agreed to another sperm analysis in three months. Three months later, his sperm analysis of motility improved to 125, so we figured we were headed in the right direction.

In December of 2011, I found out I was pregnant 11 dpo. On day 13, my temperature dropped, so I called the doctor. She had me get my hcg pulled two days apart. The first day it was 24, the second one was 110, but I started bleeding. So the doctor had me take another blood test, and my hcg had dropped to 48. I lost another one.

In January of 2012, my husband decided to get the surgery to fix his varicocele. Three months later his motility has improved to 145, close to the 150 normal.

In March, I asked my gyno to refer me to a fertility specialist. So I met him in April. He took a look at all my tests and ran some more. He prescribed my femara and progesterone for the luteal phase. One of my labworks revealed I tested positive for a MTHRFR gene, but the doctor says it is the lower risk one. After I did my research, I was concerned this may be the reason for the miscarriages, so I called the doctors and he said as a precaution I can take 2-3mg of folic acid and a baby asprin. I'm currently on my second cycle, so we shall see.

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