Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Funny TTC signs

Well this link made me smile.  I think my husband believes I'm crazy because I can see a second line that he cannot.  I thought of some others I would like to add, you know your TTC when:

  • Before you go to the bathroom, you consider holding it to have a more concentrated urine stream to test.
  • You roll your eyes everytime somebody mentions that you need to relax.
  • You spend more time researching infertility on the internet than the 40 hours you put in on your job
  • Even if you really want sex, you will hold off because you already had sex that day and want his sperm count to have time to replenish
  • When you hear somebody else has gotten pregnant, you instantly murmur B****!
  • You really start to believe that other women do not have to even have sex to get pregnant; that's right, all they have to do is look at a man and bam!  the stork has arrived
  • You have used a thermometer so much that you've had to buy another one
  • You wait at least 20 minutes before moving off of the bed to urinate or whatever.  You are not moving, unless it's to put more pillows under your you

Below is the link:

Click here for funny TTC signs from the Two Week Wait

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