Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is my little bump.  At 18 weeks, I'm starting to look a little more pregnant!  Today we will be seeing Harpyr via ultrasound.  Since we had an early ultrasound to determine the sex, I'm kind of worried about there being a mistake. 

Also, I never realized how much your boobs will grow!  I'm only 20 weeks and already up two bra sizes- to a DD!  This is crazy.  I'm a little scared if it will get bigger than this?  My sentiments are if the size isn't in a Jackson 5 song, then it really isn't a bra size.  :) 

I believe I felt the baby move this morning.  It kind of felt like an air bubble shifting back and forth a little below my belly button.


  1. Super cute and I hate to break it to you but if your boobs don't get bigger during the pregnancy they well when your milk comes in afterwards. :-)

  2. Um...enjoy your boobs. Mine ballooned during my pregnancy and then shrunk like crazy after I weaned my daughter. I hope you get to keep yours! (-: